Wednesday, November 6, 2013

working on two thesis papers

     This semester I am taking both my Spanish Senior Seminar and my French Senior Seminar.  That means, that for each class I have to write a 20-25 page paper in that language as well as complete the day to day readings and homework.  Honestly it can be a lot and I'm looking forward to the end of the semester.  So far in my Spanish class we've read:

Maldito amor
Batallas en el desierto
Como me hice monja
Salon de belleza

In French class we've read:

Le Derniere jour d'un condamne
Les Justes
La Peste
Reflexions sur la guillotine
Beni ou le paradis prive
Lecons colonials
Ruy Blas
Femmes de lettres, lettres de femmes

and we still have to read Bouger la banlieue...

Let's hope all goes well and I can finish all my readings, keep up with my studies, and complete my two papers.  But as I have to remind myself, I am not the first student to have to write two thesis papers at the same time and I will not be the last, SO I CAN DO IT!

Wish me luck!