Friday, December 23, 2011

So far...

So far this break I have.....
  • decorated my Christmas tree (only with non-glass ornaments this year because it seemed a little crooked and we were afraid we would wake up and the tree would be on the floor! So far it has stayed up though)
  • decorated my house with Christmas cheer!
  • helped prepare meals
  • gone back to work at the dry cleaners
  • bought most of my textbooks
  • finished a Christmas puzzle- it was called White Christmas, and when we originally got it I hadn't seen the movie it is from, but luckily, a few weekends ago, my friends and I took it out from the library and watched it!
  • watched The Grinch and some other childhood movies
  • returned my rented textbook
  • started reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (excellent book by the way)
  • went to NYC to see a play called Porgy and Bess with my mom- it was AMAZING! If you ever have the chance to see a play go see this one!!!!

    a wonderful view of Times Square
    this was on the train ride home in case you wanted to see :)
What I hope to do this break...
  • babysit the little boy I watched this summer!
  • finish knitting my baby blanket
  • set up an ebay account
  • work! work! work!
  • visit my friend Joanna
  • go to the Nassau County Museum of Art in Roslyn
  • see the Muppets
    Hope you have an excellent break and if you have any questions concerning college life, tweet me, contact me, or formspring me!


Monday, December 19, 2011


     I'm so happy to be home after a hard week of studying for finals and I can't wait to begin my winter break!  I especially love this time off for get ready for the coming semester, and one thing I look forward to is buying my textbooks. 
     There are few options when it comes to obtaining textbooks. You can either buy or rent your books and there are many websites that cater to college textbooks. The easiest and fastest way to get all your textbooks without any problems and without time delay is by ordering through the school bookstore.  They have reasonable prices and you can choose on the order form whether you would like used or new books.  Buying used books can save you a ton of money, but it's always nice to have the option of buying new. 
      Usually, I tend to shop on several different textbook websites to try and get the best price possible for my books.  I use
     Sometimes I am faced with using an expensive book for one of my classes that I am not willing to buy.  When this happens, I find that renting usually affords me the best price and I don't have to worry about trying to sell my book after! I just mail it back! Here are the renting websites I use
     At the end of a semester, I LOVE selling my books back to the campus store.  Unfortunately, sometimes a book will be worth $0.00, so I always end up donating the book to charity after.  Conveniently, there is a huge cardboard box always located outside the store to collect used books and they are then donated to a great charity!  My friend Megan always sells her books back on by using the student textbook buy back offer.  This is a great opportunity to make some money (an amazon credit) which can be used to pay for next semesters books!
     I hope you have a great week and always feel free to contact me, tweet me, or formspring me!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kindness Counts

     Final exam week has gone pretty well for me and I only have one exam left- Early Christianity on Friday.  So far I have had three exams, Spanish and French yesterday and British Literature today.  I am definitely looking forward to break and seeing my family, but I really don't want to leave all my friends on campus!          
     I have been studying a ton and I'll be studying until Friday afternoon.  Last night I went to the library around 7:00 pm and was surprised to find the Random Acts of Kindness Club handing out goodie bags to everyone who was going into the library!   Here is a picture of my treat bag!

     It was filled with yummy candies, index cards, a pencil, a highlighter, and a nice quote.  My quote was "if you're going through hell, keep going."  I'm still not quite sure what it means, but I was told it's from a country song!  I have also seen this club handing out hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and cider donuts on cold days, and also giving out hugs!  After receiving this goodie bag last night, I am really interested in joining this club and am going to be watching out for emails about club meetings! 
     I hope your studying goes well and if you have any questions about college life or life at Saint Michael's, tweet me, formspring me, or contact me.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alternative Study Spaces

     Durick Library is an absolutely amazing study space.  I love it so much I wrote two blogs about and here.  Sometimes, though, it is nice to study in another area for a change, especially if you want to study for your finals.  I have compiled a small list of some of the possible alternative study spaces on campus!

  • the academic buildings- the academic buildings are open until very late at night and are really nice and quiet study places.  I went to Jean Marie with my best friend Megan today and we spent about 3 hours doing our Christianity study guides.  I really liked doing my homework there and I will definitely be going to other academic buildings in the future.
  • the Center for Women and Gender- this house is right near Ross and is an excellent place to do homework.  I have gone there before when Megan has volunteered there.  They are open frequently, but have limited hours-
Sunday            6 pm – 10 pm
Monday          12 pm– 9 pm
Tuesday          12 pm – 9 pm
Wednesday     9 am – 10 pm
Thursday        12 pm – 10 pm
Friday              CLOSED
  • Eddie's lounge- located upstairs in Alliot, there are some comfy couches, chairs, and tables for you to do your work
  • the purple couches in Alliot- pretty self explanatory, but they are so comfortable and today the fireplace was on!
  • Upstairs in Alliot- there are some nice chairs and tables next to the balcony overlooking the purple couches and also there are some private rooms that you could work in
  • Saint Edmund's lounge- another great study place with lots of seating
  • don't forget about the common rooms in your dorm building, they are made just for studying!
  • the upper room of the chapel- the upper room is always open and has two nice big couches and is a really welcoming a warm place to get away to
     I hope that if you choose not to go to Durick Library, this list will give you some inspiration of other places to go study.  I know that I will be using these different areas this coming week to study in.  I hope you all have a good rest of the semester and that you're not too stressed. 


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Defender

     Happy Thursday all, the week is almost over and then it's finals!!  I am so excited to go home and see my family, but I don't want to leave my friends here at Saint Mike's.  It's always tough this time of year for students to leave their friends behind, but we're always happy to go back home! 
     As you all already know, the Defender is our student run newspaper.  It is extremely popular on campus and everyone looks forward to it when a new issue is due!  It's a ton of fun to read the articles with my friends and comment on what is going on in the news at SMC. 

My friends Megan, Taylor, and Marci reading a copy of the Defender last year!

     One of my favorite parts of the paper is the editors' page!  Recently my fellow blogger Tarah wrote in about the lack of "intelligent female role models" in the media today.  I think she wrote an excellent article and you should definitely pick up a copy and turn to page 6. 
     I hope you choose to pick up a copy and I hope you have a good finals week.  Remember, don't stress too much, just try hard and have no regrets.  If you have any questions about life at SMC, tweet me, contact me, or formspring me!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The First Snow

     Today was the first major snow!  I celebrated it by making ginger bread houses with VITA!  My friend Alex, who is a leader of VITA, invited me to the social and I am so happy I went.  I love making ginger bread houses and I absolutely love making them with my friends.  Here are some pictures of our creations!

This is the chapel I made!

This is the house Alex made!

Everyone making their houses!!!

     I had so much fun tonight!  If you have any questions about life at Saint Michael's, tweet me, contact me, or formspring me!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Knight Chats

     Hi everyone, I hope you have all had a relaxing weekend!  Even with classes ending, I still found some time to relax with my friends this weekend and enjoy their company.  Friday night Alex, Taylor, Allyson, Megan, and I watched White Christmas and we all had a really fun night enjoying the movie.  We have even decorated our suite with a small light-up Christmas tree, paper snowflakes, and Christmas lights all around the ceiling. 

Compliments to Marci for the great picture!

     Contrary to what I have just written about, I'm actually writing this blog to inform you about Knight Chats for incoming First Years!  Knight Chats are great tools that you can use to ask all the possible questions you may have about college right to us bloggers!  You can sign into this chatroom and directly talk with bloggers and other incoming First Years to ask us questions about classes, social aspects of life here, etc.  It's simple to start an account with the blogger chats and is definitely worth it. 
     I hope you choose to come join us this Tuesday December 6 from 7:30-9:00 p.m!! 


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sticky Note Plans!!!

     One thing that some major departments will teach is how to make a sticky note plan.  Making a sticky note plan is one of the best ways to help plan out your career here at Saint Michael's.  There are a couple of ways to make one but its main premise is to help you visually map out what courses you will take and when you will take them.  I just like to use a piece of computer paper, but I know that others use manila folders.  

my own sticky note plan!

 How to make one
  • you first have to look up the Liberal Arts Requirements and the requirements for your major.
  • then you have to write down each class you must take on a sticky note (I also recommend you write down the course number for future reference)
  • finally you try to spread them all out over the next couple of years and see how they all fit!
     I have worked out my next two years here and also two study abroad opportunities! It's an excellent idea to try and map out what you will take here at Saint Michael's and I hope that this planner will make it a little easier!  Please ask me any questions you may have about college!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Lessons and Carols!

     Tonight I saw an awesome concert called Lessons and Carols!  It was held at 7:30 in the Chapel and was hosted by the Saint Michael's Chorale and the South Burlington Community Chorus.  They both sang beautifully and did a really spectacular job.  I went with my best friend Taylor and we had such a good time singing and enjoying the wonderful Christmas music. 

     They sang-

     O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
     Do You Hear What I Hear
     Joy to the World
     Sing for Peace
     It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
     The First Noel
     Silent Night
     We even got to stand up and sing along with the choirs during O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, Joy to the World, It Came Upon a Midnight, and Silent Night.  During the song Silent Night we were able to light the candles that we received at our entry into the chapel.  With the lights dimmed and all the candles shining it was truly a beautiful sight!  I hope if you were able to go you enjoyed it, and if not, I hope you can go next year!

     It was really a nice program and it was so incredibly wonderful to share the experience with my friend.  Feel free to ask me any questions about life here at Saint Michael's College!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

IT is where it's at!

     Happy Thursday readers!  As I sit here in my room not wanting to start any homework, I remembered a Founder's Society meeting I went to a couple of weeks ago where representatives came in from Information Technology.  They reminded us about just how technologically advanced and up to date we are here at Saint Michael's.  It really is a blessing that we have all these amazing facilities right at hand and we probably don't even think about it!  Here are some services we have here on campus:
  • Campus Wide Wireless Internet Access- everywhere you go you can be connected and ready to do some homework! 
  • Computer Support- there is an IT Department Helpdesk located in Saint Ed's 221 that is open throughout the day and ready to help fix your computer issues! Open during the week from 7:30-7:00!!!
  • Tegrity- a computer system that allows professors to record classroom presentations for later use!
  • eCollege- a course management system that allows students to view their homework, receive materials from professors, view a  syllabus, submit essays, and see course grades.  
  • Classroom Technology- there are smart boards in over 1/3 of the classrooms on campus as well as sound systems, BluRay players, and document cameras.
     Technology has become increasingly important over the years, and it is wonderful that Saint Michael's has kept up with the current innovations.  This may be something that you have considered in your college search and Saint Michael's may be the right place for you! If you have any questions at all tweet me, formspring me, or contact me!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011


     Hello all!  As students at Saint Michael's we learn that service is an important part of our education.  This is easy for us because we have the MOVE board!  I have done quite a few programs last year and this year with MOVE.  There are so many different programs offered from helping seniors and children to volunteering to help with animals.  The MOVE sign-up board is conveniently located right in Alliot next to the MOVE office.  If you ever have any questions about any program, definitely go in and ask! 

There is the MOVE board!

Here are some examples of programs-
  • A Cause for Paws
  • Baked Love
  • Middle School Mentors
  • Habitat for Humanity
     I have volunteered with playing cards at a senior citizen home (here is a blog post about them), Cause for Paws animal blessing services (here is a blog post), and senior citizen proms (here is another blog post).  I hope to continue playing cards with the seniors and I definitely want to get involved with more programs.  What's also great about MOVE is that the programs are a "non-commitment"- meaning that you can do a program once and never do it again.  You don't have to do the same program each week, instead you can try all different programs to find out which one is your favorite. 
     You should definitely take advantage of this unique opportunity!  I have made quite a few friends just by volunteering at these different activities (a secret benefit of MOVE!).  As always, ask me anything about college! Formspring me, tweet me, or use my contact page at the top!!!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Taxi Cab Adventures

     Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving! Mine was excellent, I saw my family, ate delicious food, and got to be with my two puppies. 

This is Olive, she is a mini Doxie.  I also have Pickles a mini pinscher

     As you all know, I fly home every break- JetBlue!!!  This year, my fellow blogger and best bro Alex and I have flown home at the same times.  We flew back this morning at 9:00 and landed in Burlington at 10:00.  One great thing about this small airport is that there are always taxi cabs waiting to take flyers to their destinations.

Alex, Lauren, and me waiting for a cab

     Alex, Lauren (a fellow SMC student), and I decided to share a taxi back to campus.  My Early Christianity professor, Professor Saint Laurent, shared the cab with us too!  She had spent the holiday break on Long Island and was on our flight!!  We all shared a taxi and our taxi driver turned out to be a little strange.  It was very hot in the cab and he turned to us and said "Wow it is hot in here" and then opened the sun roof.  HOWEVER, he then turned the heat on! The air was blowing right at my head and I was about to have heat stroke!!!! 
     Overall the taxi ride was fine because Alex and I were hysterically laughing the whole time!  As always, feel free to tweet me, contact me, or formspring me!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Salsa Dancing!

     This year (back in early October) the Diversity Coalition put on a salsa dancing class.  Actually, it was this event that convinced me to join the Diversity Coalition!  The class was in Eddie's lounge on a Friday night and I went with Alex!  A professional dance instructor came to teach us some basic salsa dance moves.  I had a blast and I hope that we can have another dance class soon!!   


The Writing Center

    The Writing Center is an amazing service offered to Saint Michael's students.  Basically, it is there to help students having difficulties with essays.  The students who work there are there to give feedback, help to develop ideas, and fix grammatical errors.  You can either drop in for an appointment, or sign up to have one-on-one time with a trained coach.  It is open Sunday to Thursday from 8:30 am until 9:00 pm and is located in the lower level of the library in room 119.  Days and hours sometimes vary, so it's good to try and reserve a time slot to ensure that you are going at a good time.    

      The Writing Center is definitely something that everyone should take advantage of.  Even if you are not having trouble writing an essay, sometimes it's a great idea to have someone else proof read it.  As always, feel free to contact me, tweet me, or formspring me with any questions you have about college life!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Knitting Club

     Hi everyone, I hope you have had a great weekend.  As some of you may know, I am running the knitting club this semester (my friend who normally runs it is studying abroad in India).  I'm not a super experienced knitter, but I really enjoy teaching new members how to knit.  This year some of my wonderful suite-mates decided that they would like to knit so Taylor and I taught Megan, Marci, and Allyson how to knit scarves. 


Here are some of our members at the first knitting club meeting of the year!

     So far I have knit many, many scarves, a hat, a couple of pairs of mittens, and now I am knitting a baby blanket for MOVE.  I hope to learn how to make a sweater soon and learn some new stitches.  

Here was my first attempt at a mitten....I added the thumb later. Don't worry, they have gotten MUCH better with practice!
This was my activity at Friday Knight Dry

    Yesterday Marci, Alex, and I went on a trip to the knitting store Kaleidoscope in Essex.  It was an amazing store for knitters, full of yarn and books, tools and kits.  I was completely speechless as we entered, it was a knitter's paradise!  Here is a picture-

      Knitting Club is a great opportunity to get involved in on campus.  We have meetings frequently (don't forget to check your emails) and you can knit scarves, mittens, baby items, and hats for MOVE so they can donate the items to those in need.  I am always happy to teach a new member how to knit, so come on by!  As usual, if you have any questions at all about life on campus and at Saint Michael's (and about Knitting Club) feel free to formspring me or use my contact page at the top of my blog!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn Adventures

     Happy Friday everyone!  Last night/ this morning I was able to go see Breaking Dawn with my best friends Taylor, Megan, and Alex.  Megan and Alex won 4 free tickets from 802 the App to see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn at the Majestic 10 theater.  We were all SO excited to go see the movie and on top of it to see it for free!!!  We picked up the tickets Thursday afternoon from the Holiday Inn and I decided to document the whole adventure! 


Megan's packet with her tickets and free t-shirt!

Alex and Megan

I didn't know where we were, so I took a picture....

Why hello there Alex!

     After we picked up the tickets we went back to the dorm and went about our normal activities...homework, class, etc.  Around 9:30 we left to go out to Walmart to buy candy and then head to the movie theater.  We got to the theater very early...and we expected to see hoards of people....which there was not, but we had a fun time waiting in the theater anyway.  

Taylor, Megan, and Alex

Alex, Megan, and me

All of us in front of the Breaking Dawn poster

Megan and me

Alex and me

Taylor and Alex

Megan and Taylor

     In the end I'm so happy I was able to see the movie with my friends and have a nice night out.  We got back around 2:20 in the morning and I was SO exhausted, so it's probably going to be along time until I see another movie this late.  Well, if you have any questions about life at Saint Michael's feel free to formspring me, tweet me, or contact me!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Thanksgiving Feast

     Tonight was the famous Thanksgiving Dinner.  First Year students quickly learn that Thanksgiving Dinner in Alliot is the most delicious meal of the year.  Dinner starts at 4:30 and lasts until 8:00 and it is packed from the time it opens until it closes.  Tonight there were even a couple of Cup Drops! (that's when everyone drops their empty cup on the floor in's a tradition)

What we get to eat-
  • turkey (of course)
  • mashed potatoes
  • peas
  • stuffing
  • cranberry sauce
  • gravy
  • corn
  • sweet potatoes
  • bread
  • hot apple cider
     It is such a delicious dinner and I just wanted to share some images with you! 



Nate, Alex, and Mary 

Marci and Katie!

      Dinner was so incredibly delicious and I now that it's over...I can't wait until next year!  I hope you have a great break and blessed Thanksgiving dinner with your families next Thursday!  As always, feel free to tweet me, formspring me, or contact me with any questions you have!!!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

International Festival


     The International Festival is a festival run by the Diversity Coalition and the Applied Linguistics Department.  It brings together people of all cultures while celebrating differences.  The Festival showcased performing groups from the community as well as students here at Saint Michael's.  This was my first year helping out to set up and volunteer my help as a member of D.C and I'm very glad I was able to contribute! 

     My day started out with helping set up flags, putting on tablecloths, and decorating tables from 10:00-12:00.  Then I met all my suite-mates at brunch and enjoyed a delicious omelet made my the hilarious Chef Mike.  After brunch I tried to do some homework, but I ended up cleaning and watching Harry Potter- thanks ABC Family for furthering my procrastination.  At 4:00 I went back to Tarrant (where the festival was being held) to help set up food and the rest of the decorations.  

      Start of the Festival- 5:00
      My first assignment, once the Festival started, was to help with admission.  I helped to collect money and hand out tickets which was a slightly stressful task.  I did have fun seeing all the excited children and their parents.  I also helped out cutting pies, setting out appetizers, and finally serving all the delicious food!  It was a ton of fun seeing all the amazing performances and enjoying the food. 

Here are three of my amazing suite-mates! Taylor, Allyson, and Megan

Here is a list of the performances and some videos!!

  1. Inkas Wasi (an Incan performing group)
  2. Junior Jam (an African Drumming group)
  3. Mary Brust
  4. the Celtic Knights
  5. Burlington Taiko Group
  6. Akoma drummers
  7. Alia Thabit
  8. Guayoyo Haitian & Cuban Drums
  9. Jeh Kulu Dance & Drum Theater
  10. Ahmed Alasaos
  11. Matesolers

Saint Michael's African Drummers!

The Celtic Knights

     The International Festival was, in short, a success and I'm so happy I was able to volunteer at it.  I can't wait until next year just to do it all again!  Feel free to tweet me, formspring me, or contact me with any questions you have about Saint Michael's College. 


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coffee Hour

     Every Wednesday there is an international coffee hour in Saint Edmund's lobby from 3:15-4:15.  It is put on by the international students in an effort to converse with other students to practice speaking English.  It is great because there are so many yummy foods to eat each week and they differ by region.  This week there were empanadas which are an Argentinian specialty.  Also there is always coffee available!  I have gone many times and it is great to grab a quick bite to eat and meet some new people from different cultures. 

Here is a croissant and some nutella from the French Coffee Hour! and YES it was as delicious as it looks!!!

Here is my cheese empanada! It was very good!!!

     Next week the Coffee Hour will be collecting food to help raise awareness of Homeless Awareness Week.  They will be collecting:
  • canned vegetables/fruit
  • canned soup/ravioli
  • ramen noodles
  • boxes of rice/pasta/cereal
  • peanut butter
  • jelly
     It is wonderful to be able to support those in need and this is a great opportunity to directly give help to others.  I hope you will go to these coffee hours and give some food at the next meet!  Have a fantastic week and feel free to send me any questions you have!!!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Knights at the Round Table!

     Knights at the Round Table is a "restaurant" style area to eat on campus.  It is located on North Campus in Sloane Hall and is easy to get to by shuttle.  It is SO delicious and is DEFINITELY worth going to.  Instead of being like Alliot where you serve yourself, you have to make a reservation, and then use paper ordering cards to pick out what appetizer, entree, and dessert you would like.  This dining hall is also great because it is included under the meal plan.  You can make a reservation with the extension x2253 and you can reserve a table for up to 6 people.  It is open from Monday to Thursday from 5:00-6:30. 

Here are some pictures of me and my friends enjoying some food at Knights at the Round Table!

Katie enjoying her salad!

These spring rolls were scrumptious!

Chicken Parmesan

Fruit cup for dessert!!!

an extremely large picture of me!

     You should definitely check the food out at Knights of the Round Table.  Tonight I went to eat there with my suite-mates and I ate roasted vegetable and potato soup, steak with mushrooms, and s'more pie.  They were all extremely delicious!  I can't wait to go back next time! 


P.S. Here is a clip from our last time eating there- It is SO funny!!!