Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cause for Paws- Animal Blessing Service


     Today at the Chapel of Saint Michael there was an animal blessing.  It was for both the students and the local community.  Even though students don't have their pets here, we were able to bring pictures of our pets to have them blessed.  The Blessing was held by the MOVE Cause for Paws

It started at 5:30 and would have been held outside, but it was sort of drizzly outside, so we took the ceremony inside the actual chapel!

     The ceremony was really nice and it was really funny because all the dogs were yapping at each other while some of the speakers were trying to speak.  It was all in good fun though, and for my friends and I who love dogs, it was so great to see so many.  The problem is that now we all really want to see our own dogs EVEN more!  After the prayers, we were able to take the pet or picture up to the front where they were blessed with Holy water. 

 Here are my suite-mates and best friends Taylor and Megan holding pictures of their doggies on their phones!
Here I am getting a picture of my dog Olive blessed!
Here is Taylor getting a picture of her dog Mikko blessed!
Here is my other suite-mate and best friend Alex!!  She read the responsorial and second reading (and did an excellent job!)
     The Animal Blessing Service was a great experience and I can't wait until the next one.  Feel free to ask me anything about life at SMC or about college life in general.


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  1. Kayley!
    Thanks for all the photos of the animal blessing! It brought tears to my eyes; esp when I saw Taylor and Mikko!!!
    What a beautiful ceremony :)