Sunday, April 29, 2012

MLK Talent Show and P-Day

     This weekend was the MLK talent show and P-day.  These are 2 very special events on campus and everyone participates.  The MLK talent show took place at 7:00 on Friday night.  This year I was able to help out at the show and still take part in the festivities.  I helped to cut up tickets to begin with, and then I helped to guide the incredibly LONG line around to the front.  If you were there then you saw me stationed at the point near the bathrooms.  Unfortunately I didn't get to take any pictures or videos, but you can see my blog from last year to get a taste of what it was like.  The talent this year was amazing and I'm so glad that there was such a big turn out to see it! 
     P-day, which stands for Preparation Day, is a day for all the students to kick back, relax, and have fun before the final crunch.  I like to work on P-day and this year I got to spend it with my friends Alex, Taylor, and Sara.  I loved helping out and seeing all my friends.  I got to collect tokens at the food tent and chat with everyone who passed.  It was a ton of fun, and I even got to go to the photo booth and take some pictures with some of my MLK friends!  Also at night there was a comedian and a Midnight breakfast.  It was a very fun day and I'm so sad to see this year come to a close.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Just for every one's general information, here is the exam schedule and the library hours:

                            LIBRARY HOURS
Friday, April 27                                               7:15 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday, April 28                                          11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday, April 29                                            10:00 am – 1:00 am
Monday, April 30                                           7:15 am – 1:00 am
Tuesday, May 1                                             7:15 am – 1:00 am
Wednesday, May (last class day)               7:15 am – 1:00 am
Thursday, May 3 (Study Day)                    7:00 am – 2:00 am
Friday, May 4 (Exam Day)                           7:00 am – midnight
Saturday, May 5 (Study Day)                     10:00 am – midnight
Sunday, May 6 (Study Day)                        9:00 am – 2:00 am
Monday, May 7 (Exam Day)                       7:00 am – 2:00 am
Tuesday, May 8 (Exam Day)                       7:00 am – 2:00 am
Wednesday, May 9 (Exam Day)                7:00 am – 2:00 am
Thursday, May 10 (Exam Day)                   7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Study hard everyone and don't give up!  You can do it!!!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

the Spirit of Ethan Allen

     Last night the Diversity Coalition had the end of the year final meeting.  The celebration took place on the Spirit of Ethan Allen, on Lake Champlain, and we got to enjoy a nice dinner cruise!  It was such a beautiful trip and we had an amazing meal.  For dinner we had 5 cheese tortellini, lemon chicken, string beans, pot roast, rolls, and caesar salad.  For dessert we had a chocolate fondue with pineapple, strawberries, pretzels, and biscotti!  We took tons of pictures and got to meet new people. 

     I was so happy to go on this wonderful trip, BUT it means that we've reached the end of the year! I really hate for this year to end! I've been having so much fun as you can see!!!  Well, I'll just have to make the most of the end of rest of the year....


Friday, April 20, 2012

New Discoveries

     Today was the Student Symposium Day.  This means that students can show off their research projects to faculty and students, and best of all...we don't have any classes!  My friends Taylor, Angelica, and I decided to go get coffee and catch up, so at around 12:45 we all met up and drove to the Winooski Circle.  We all got cappuccinos, sat, and chatted for a long while.  The cafe is so cute and comfy, with nice tables and an excellent atmosphere. 

a nice awkward picture of Angelica!

     Oh, and I forgot the name of the coffee place, so you'll just have to go exploring yourself to find it!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nature Trail

Behind the 300 Townhouses there is a nature trail.  My friend Eleanor stopped over yesterday and asked me if I wanted to go for a walk and I said absolutely!  Neither of us had ever been on the trail before, so we were a little nervous, but very excited.  Here are some pictures!!!

Well have a great week!


Sunday, April 15, 2012


     EarthFest this year was located in Ross gym and was today from 2:30-5:00.  Mission South performed, there was a BBQ set up with hamburgers and veggie burgers, a tie dying station, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, a bicycle powered smoothing station, and tables set up to promote being green!  It was so great seeing everyone enjoying the day and celebrating it with the Green Up club.  Here are some pictures:

Here is Mission South!

Our delicious ice cream!

We even got to plant seeds in Ben and Jerry's containers :)

     Hope you've enjoyed your weekend and let the good times keep rolling!


Late Night Tennis

     At Saint Michael's anything is possible, even tennis outside at 10:00 on a Saturday night.  Last night, my friends Mary and Nate decided to go play tennis and invited me and our friend Katie!  We had a ton of fun playing in the dark at first because the lights were warming up and then later in the light.  We were also attacked by ENORMOUS bugs all night long!  

Nate, Katie, and Mary

that's one of the bugs! AS big as a finger

Well, hope you enjoyed your weekend!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Earth Week 2012

     Earth Week celebrates the earth (obviously), nature, and sustaining the environment.  Here is a schedule of the Earth Week events planned on campus!

Sunday- EarthFest: a big BBQ with local foods, music, tie dying, and fun!

Monday- a showing of Blue Gold: a documentary concerning water issues.

Tuesday- local food night in Alliot! Seriously delicious food that's all local!

Thursday- a Fair Trade Coffee Hour in Saint Ed's (which I wrote about here); a MOVE program to pick up trash in local areas; and a presentation by Maude Barlow about the global water crisis.

     All these programs sound excellent and I can't wait for the upcoming week! Check back for updates, especially about EarthFest tomorrow.


When the weather gets nice

     Ever seen a college movie and all the students were hanging around outside playing frisbee, sunbathing, playing football? Well that's basically what happens every time the sun comes out here!  Everyone goes outside to enjoy the weather!  Here are some pictures from today:

Taylor and Me!

Megan, Taylor, and Me


Kate and Alex!

Here are some flashbacks from fall semester:

     Hope you take advantage of the beautiful weather while it's here! Tomorrow it will hopefully be in the high 70s, just in time for Earth Fest!  Have any questions? Use the contact page, tweet me, or formsping me!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SMC Film Series

      There has been an ongoing movie series throughout the months of January, February, March, and now April.  Every Thursday a different movie was shown and a professor from that department would give an introduction. 

     Last Thursday I was required to see Amelie for my French class with an introduction by Professor Vantine.  I was still on the technology fast, but it was for academic purposes, so clearly I had to go.  I just have to say that Amelie was the most interesting and beautiful movie that I have seen in a long time.  The characters, cast, and original plot all made me just so happy and glad to be watching it!

Here is a description:
The original full title of the film Amélie, is "The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain," and "fabulous" it is. A highly-stylized blend of realism, fable and fantasy in a quirky romantic comedy. As a young adult, Amélie, anonymously meddles in other people's lives to bring them an unexpected dose of happiness or a needed lesson.
Here is a trailer:

     Well, if you have any questions tweet me, formspring me, or use the contact page up top!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Exercise with friends

     Every since coming back from Spring Break, I've tried to exercise as much as possible.  I went from doing zumba on just Tuesdays and Thursdays for a total of 2.5 hours to then going to the gym with my best friends Taylor and Kate on Monday and Friday mornings before Spanish class at 11.  We all like to use the elliptical machines, the bikes, and the stair climbers.  Then after 20 minutes or so we run, jog, and walk around the track.  After, we just stretch and cool down in the stretching room. 
     Lately, Taylor and I have been trying to also go on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This has been a little stressful, as my first class is at 9:50 and the gym opens at 8:30.  This means we have to be done with breakfast and heading to the gym around 8:30 for about a 50 minute workout.  When we get back to the room it's go time for me and I get ready as quick as possible.  It has really been rewarding for me, though, and I have loved spending the time getting into shape at the gym.  Taylor and I get 2 days off, Wednesdays and Sundays, and we use these days to relax and recuperate.  
     Our school gym is very well equipped and is located on main campus, making it very convenient (no excuses for not going!).  It also really helps to find a gym buddy to go with as you may get more motivated to go with a companion. 

Also, check out Jose's blog post about exercising and going to the gym!