Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tejas 2014 Y'all

     This winter break I went on an extended service trip to Beaumont, Texas.  I came up to school on January 2 and we left for Burlington Airport on the 4th and came back on the 11th.  Simply, it was a fantastic trip and the opportunity to travel with a group of 10 SMC kids and make new friends was an invaluable experience.  I'll get into how to participate on an extended service trip in another post, this one is just to give you a quick view into what I was doing:

clearing brush around some trees

Trifoliate Orange, the killer invasive species with HUGE thorns
 that we were chopping down for 3 whole days

all of us on a 200 yr old tree

delivering for meals on wheels

So overall it was a wonderful trip, and such a beautiful experience.  I recommend this to anyone willing to donate any of their time to others. 
Well adios, time for homework