Monday, July 9, 2012

Your Questions Answered

     Recently on the Facebook Page for the Class of 2016 I wrote in inviting incoming students to email me questions regarding study abroad. So far I have gotten 3 emails asking very good questions! I realized that the questions these students asked are ones that everyone thinks, but are frequently left unanswered! I thought it would be helpful to copy and paste the questions and my answers. I'd also like to say that I do not know all the answers to the questions asked and that if I have given any misinformation, please feel free to contact the director of Study Abroad Peggy Imai at !

Hey Kayley! 
I'm an incoming student for next year, and I had a few questions about studying abroad. I figured I would ask you since you offered on the Class of 2016 Facebook page, but feel free to refer me to the offices if you don't know, or whatever.
Anyhow, I was wondering:
1. What years do students generally do study abroad.
2. What Saint Michael's pays for and what you have to pay for.
3. If you can do two semesters in a row, in different places. 

Thank you!! :)

My answer:

Hi Jess!
Thanks for the questions (although they are a little hard:)
1. mostly students study abroad in their junior year. Some choose to do so in their sophomore year, but the bulk of the student population choose to go abroad in their Junior year.
2. Ok, this I'm a little less clear about, but I've asked this question myself and I can do a basic "translation". So, SMC will pay for (not sure, but let's say for an even #) 23,000. That's about the cost of one semester. If your program is within that cost then you don't have to pay any extra. However, if it goes over the 23,000 limit, then you are responsible for that extra money. You still are paying for everything though. We technically say that SMC is paying for 23,000 but you are still paying tuition to smc even though you aren't at Saint Michael's. I think that you will be paying smc and that money is then transferred to your program. I am not entirely sure that I have all the facts down, so you should definitely email Peggy Imai, the director of study abroad, at
3. It is possible to go abroad for a whole year, as for a whole year abroad with 2 different programs? I am not sure. So you'll need to ask this question to Peggy also, but you have to be careful that the 2 programs you choose don't have conflicting dates. Some programs start and stop at odd times so you would have to check in to that.
Hope this helps!
Hi! My name is Martha and I will be a new student this fall. I am extremely interested in going abroad as soon as possible. Ideally I would like to travel to Italy. How soon should I look into going abroad?
My answer:

Hi Martha!
Starting with study abroad research really depends on you! I started at the end of my freshman year and I think that any time your first year is definitely ideal. I was interested in both France and Spain, so I had a ton of brochures to look through, but it was really nice to just read and research over the summer and then start thinking further in the fall.  Also, I recommend just getting every brochure that has a program available in Italy. That way, you can compare and contrast with the other programs and services offered. I DEFINITELY recommend going to visit some Italian professors at SMC to ask their opinions on programs, set up an appointment and go to them with the programs you are interested in and ask for their opinions! That is a great way to find out from their experience and to also get in contact with former students who participated in those programs. Finally, Peggy the study abroad director will be able to give you student emails who participated in programs and she knows so much about studying abroad in general.
Hope this helps!


Hi Kayley,

My name is Brianna and I am going to be a freshment at St. Mike's this fall. I am really excited and it has always been a dream of mine to be able to study abroad in college. I saw your message post that you left on the St. Mike's Class of 2016 page and I thought you might be able to answer a question that I have about the study abroad programs. I really would like to study abroad in Seoul, South Korea. I am not sure if St.Mike's has a connection with any universities there, but there is a certain university in Seoul that I would like to study abroad at. I was wondering if that is be able to study abroad in a certain city/university even if St. Mike's does not have a connection
with it. Can you find a different program with another
university/college and do that instead. As much information and advice that you have would be helpful in answering my question.

Thank you,

Hi Brianna,
I tried looking on the study abroad website for SMC, however I can't find any connection we have with South Korea. I would not give up though! My recommendation is that you contact Peggy Imai, the director of Study Abroad, at to ask her for more specific answers. She is always able to find programs that fit your specific needs. If you are able to find a program in S. Korea I hope that you can go to that university that you are interested in, but if not, you should nonetheless still study abroad there! Also, you still may be able to study abroad in S. Korea with a program, however SMC might not "recognize" your work there, meaning that the classes you take will not count for credit. I hope this helps, sorry I can't give you more information, but definitely contact Peggy because she'll be able to help you further!

Well, I hope this is helpful and feel free to send me more questions! I am happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Other Key Tips

Other Key study abroad tips:

  • It's not necessary (or safe) to carry your passport around, so instead just make a couple photo copies and keep one in your hand bag or backpack.
  • in your room put your extra money and passport in a safe, secret place. Use your imagination, not the obvious!
  • don't carry too much money with you in your wallet, but in case you get robbed, always make sure to have some money in your shoe or pocket
  • stay away from the ATM at night, always take out money in the daytime in a safe area
  • pick up local newspapers to find out current events happening in your area
  • use your student i.d. when visiting museums or even stores to try and get a discount
  • get a travel book of the city you are in (not just the country) to get an even more in depth look at museums and events in the area
  • just in case you are extremely bored...which you should never be, YouTube has free movies that you can watch! Just click the tab at the top in between browse and upload.