About Kayley!

     Hi my name is Kayley and I am a junior at Saint Michael’s College.  I am a Spanish and French double major.  I am also part of the Honors Program and GREAT housing.  I am from Wantagh, New York which is located on the south shore of Long Island, just about 8 hours away!!!  Some of my favorite things to do are seeing my friends, going to the different events on campus, and going to my classes.  I also love meeting new people and making new friends.  One of the ways I hope to reach out to prospective students is through my blog.  I hope I can answer all your questions and inspire you to come to Saint Michael’s. 
            How did I choose Saint Michael’s?  I actually never heard about Saint Mike’s until my junior year of High School when I received the Saint Michael’s Book Award.  I was immediately intrigued by the school and researched it on the internet and at the library.  I also read some current student blogs to really learn about the student life here and to have first-hand information about what life was like in college.  I really looked forward to reading the different blogs and seeing the pictures that the bloggers posted to give me a real inside look into their lives.  The blogs really motivated me to come to visit Saint Mike’s and the first time I visited was in the summer of my senior year.  I went on a tour of the campus and immediately fell in love with it and surrounding area.  Saint Mike’s has proven to be the perfect fit for me and I hope it will be for you too. 
            Please ask me any questions you have about Saint Michael’s on twitter! Hope to hear from you soon, and best wishes in your college search.