Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oops did I forget?

     I think I forgot to say this, but I'm going to be going to Paris for 1 month with API! I will be studying at the Institut Catholique de Paris and I am, of course, taking language classes.  I hope to blog as often as I can, however, I will be in Paris!
     As you can expect I have been packing and getting ready, but I am so nervous and excited to go at the same time!  I can't wait to leave (May 28th) and get started!
    I'll keep you updated on my journey and blog often!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SMC in Spring

The last couple of days at Saint Michael's were absolutely blooming with spring time joy.  Here are some pictures I took last Saturday-

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Global Eyes Photo Contest

     Hey all, once a year there is a photo contest on campus that study abroad students can submit to.  They pick one of their best photos and enter it a category:
  • city life
  • creative/artistic
  • culture most distinct from SMC
  • landscape
  • nature and the environment
  • people and the human spirit
  • politics/peace and justice
  • the essence of study abroad
The photos are then judged and everyone on campus has the chance to submit votes for their favorites.  All the photos are available for viewing in the Daily room in the 2nd floor of the library!


Monday, May 7, 2012

An interesting Formspring Question

hey sexy lady, wanna tell me a little more about this saint michael's college you attend? is it filled with beautiful smart ladies?

Well....thanks for the compliment first of all! Saint Michael's College is a Catholic liberal arts college located in Colchester, Vermont. I absolutely love going to school here, and lucky for you, 51% of the student population is female! Please ask any other appropriate questions you may have about college life. Feel free to censor yourself. xoxo Kayley

Sunday, May 6, 2012

4 day weekend

     Ok, not really, but I really lucked out and didn't have much to do before my first final! The last day of classes was Wednesday, and we had an official study day on Thursday.  Since I don't have my first final until Monday, my friends Taylor, Nate, and I wanted to go to the beach.  BUT the weather was not beach conducive, so we went to the waterfront instead.  A nice trade off I'd say, and we had a grand old time.  I had a blast just relaxing with them and we took some crazy pictures. 

     Then Friday- ANOTHER DAY OF NOTHING! I relaxed, ate a lot, went to the gym, made many trips to Alliot, and worked on an essay.  Kate and I went for a walk around campus to enjoy the wonderful weather (although it was a bit humid and my hair went wild) and we had a fabulous time.  At night the Sleepless Knights had their last concert of the year and I went to see it with Kate and Kk.  I had a ton of fun and the concert was great!

     Then Saturday- I woke up, ate breakfast, went to the gym, and hung around with my suite-mates.  Later that afternoon we all went to Olive Garden as a last meal of the year where we could be all together.  We didn't get to sit together, however, and were broken up into 2 tables of 4.  We were sort of diagonal but we still got to talk to each other and laugh.  Here are some pictures:

    In the afternoon my friends and I went across the street where the rotunda is to lay in the sun and hang out-

     That night my friends and I relaxed and even went for a walk because the moon was so beautiful.  I had a great day in total and a fantastic last weekend.
     Sunday- aka study day.  I have a Spanish final tomorrow, so I spent the day eating, preparing, and finishing up an essay. 

     Well, I should get back to work now!  I had a nice break writing this blog post and I hope you enjoyed it.  Study hard and have a great last couple of days.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Right Now

Right now:
  • I am enjoying the silence and the quiet with my best friend Taylor
  • I am feeling so incredibly thankful for being so loved and appreciated
  • I am thinking back to my walk this afternoon with Taylor to the playground on North where we met Megan and her "Little Sister"

Hah! That's me!!!
Right now:

  • I am getting slightly worried for my upcoming exams, but I'm excited for them to be over
  • I am looking forward to hopefully going to the beach tomorrow with some friends
  • I am regretting saying "I am" so many times and not thinking about others!
  • People on campus are doing work, studying, relaxing, and sighing that the year is coming to an end