Sunday, May 6, 2012

4 day weekend

     Ok, not really, but I really lucked out and didn't have much to do before my first final! The last day of classes was Wednesday, and we had an official study day on Thursday.  Since I don't have my first final until Monday, my friends Taylor, Nate, and I wanted to go to the beach.  BUT the weather was not beach conducive, so we went to the waterfront instead.  A nice trade off I'd say, and we had a grand old time.  I had a blast just relaxing with them and we took some crazy pictures. 

     Then Friday- ANOTHER DAY OF NOTHING! I relaxed, ate a lot, went to the gym, made many trips to Alliot, and worked on an essay.  Kate and I went for a walk around campus to enjoy the wonderful weather (although it was a bit humid and my hair went wild) and we had a fabulous time.  At night the Sleepless Knights had their last concert of the year and I went to see it with Kate and Kk.  I had a ton of fun and the concert was great!

     Then Saturday- I woke up, ate breakfast, went to the gym, and hung around with my suite-mates.  Later that afternoon we all went to Olive Garden as a last meal of the year where we could be all together.  We didn't get to sit together, however, and were broken up into 2 tables of 4.  We were sort of diagonal but we still got to talk to each other and laugh.  Here are some pictures:

    In the afternoon my friends and I went across the street where the rotunda is to lay in the sun and hang out-

     That night my friends and I relaxed and even went for a walk because the moon was so beautiful.  I had a great day in total and a fantastic last weekend.
     Sunday- aka study day.  I have a Spanish final tomorrow, so I spent the day eating, preparing, and finishing up an essay. 

     Well, I should get back to work now!  I had a nice break writing this blog post and I hope you enjoyed it.  Study hard and have a great last couple of days.


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