Sunday, July 8, 2012

Other Key Tips

Other Key study abroad tips:

  • It's not necessary (or safe) to carry your passport around, so instead just make a couple photo copies and keep one in your hand bag or backpack.
  • in your room put your extra money and passport in a safe, secret place. Use your imagination, not the obvious!
  • don't carry too much money with you in your wallet, but in case you get robbed, always make sure to have some money in your shoe or pocket
  • stay away from the ATM at night, always take out money in the daytime in a safe area
  • pick up local newspapers to find out current events happening in your area
  • use your student i.d. when visiting museums or even stores to try and get a discount
  • get a travel book of the city you are in (not just the country) to get an even more in depth look at museums and events in the area
  • just in case you are extremely bored...which you should never be, YouTube has free movies that you can watch! Just click the tab at the top in between browse and upload.

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