Friday, June 29, 2012

2 more steps to a Parisian Transformation

Step 6: DRESS
  • flip flops are not worn here, so wear sandals instead, and sorry guys but no mandles!
  • shorts also are generally not worn, not at all for men and no short shorts for women
  • scarves are the wonderous accessory that most Parisian women love! So bring some from home and you may want to invest in some here!
  • leather jackets are also a very fashionable item here, as well as blazers
  • try and stay classic, not too trendy, but you don't have to dress frumpy either
  • sorry guys, but baggy, saggy jeans are out! European men wear a more fitted jean
  • neutrals are very important, blacks and beiges are a staple in Parisian dress
  • do not wear "casual" clothes, no sweats (save a sweatshirt), no leggings (not acceptable in the US either ladies), no yoga pants
  • basically- dress to impress all the time
  • jeans are more acceptable now than in the past, but slacks are nicer as are dress pants, dresses, and skirts
  • try to leave the "tourist" clothing at home, don't wear basketball shoes or white tennis sneakers, no rain coats/ all weather coats
  • definitely bring an umbrella with you and carry it with you at all times
  • ABSOLUTELY NO American logos. Obviously if you are wearing something with an American logo you will be calling "negative" attention to yourself.
  • be respectful of neighbors
  • be quiet at night/ early in the morning
  • say bonsoir or bonjour if you meet someone
  • remember, there are people below you and next door to you, so don't drag things across the floor or blare your music
  • just a reminder- wash your dishes, the dishes elves will not come and clean them for you
  • don't rearrange your furniture unless you plan on remembering where it was originally and putting it back correctly when you leave

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