Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tremendous Talent

     April 29 was the MLK Talent Show.  MLK Society is "an
inter-racial group dedicated to promoting the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by hosting and sponsoring programs, lectures and workshops, including the annual Martin Luther King Convocation."  It is a great program available to students on campus and it has a really great message to send.  
     The talent show was to begin at 7:00, but the doors were to open at 6:30.  As a first year, I had never been to this talent show before, but I heard from other students that it is extremely popular and well attended.  Alex and I left our dorm rooms about 6:30, and already the line was getting pretty long. 

      We finally were allowed in at around 7:00 and we found seats quickly.  Megan, Marci, Alex, Taylor, Mary, and I all sat together waiting in anticipation. 

Mary, Marci, and Megan!

     While waiting for the show to begin, a DJ played some music and we all sang along.  Even waiting for the show was a lot of fun!  Finally at 7:30 the show began and it really took off.  First performance was a student named Gerhard who played the accordion while his younger brother played the drums.  It was really cute and they did a good job.  Then, the Acabellas performed!! Check them out in my video- (sorry for the head in the middle of the video) 

After they performed, the Celtic Knights put on a great dance....

     In the meanwhile, some students did a rap song about SMC, there were duets, someone played a great guitar solo, and some more singing.  Also, some Japanese exchange students delighted us with a medley of songs they knew....

     And after they performed, our own Gabbi sang and did an amazing job!!!  Sorry the video is side ways,  I thought you could turn a video clip.....but it turns out you can't, so close your eyes and enjoy the music

The tap club showed off their superior skills in a dance....

      In the end, it was a really great night and all of those who attended had a terrific time!  I can't wait until next year, and I hope that you'll consider taking part in these on campus acitivities. 


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