Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stunning Spring

     Hello everyone!  It has officially been spring for over a month, but up here in Vermont, it feels like it has just begun!  I thought I would show you some images of Saint Mike's while spring is in bloom...

This is a picture of my window! I just had to put some summer window stickies on it!
     Spring is a really exciting time around Saint Mike's because all the students get really active and enjoy being outside taking advantage of the weather. 
Alex and I

Alex, Marci, and I

Alex and Marci posing for the camera with their gorgeous sunglasses!

Marci and I

Katie and Mary doing some homework- not easily accomplished on such a beautiful day

Tons of SMC students out enjoying the amazing weather!

     It is really a great scene watching students outside laying on blankets, playing frisbee, rollerblading, and just having a good time.  And up here at SMC this is a common occurance on the days when the weather is exceptional! 


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