Friday, May 20, 2011

Unpacking Upheaval

     Last week on Thursday was my last day as a first year student at Saint Michael's College.  It was bittersweet- I didn't want my first year to end, but I want to start next year and start the summer, but I loved living in my single, but I really, really can't wait to live in my suite next thoughts can just go back and forth for hours with things I am looking forward to and things I don't want to leave.  However, time marches on and so must my college career.
     Finals is a very stressful time for all students and it's just a task to try to remember which finals you have which day and when.  So, there is a very helpful list posted on the SMC website to help sort out when we have our finals. Finals started for me on Monday with Spanish.  It went very well and was a good start to the week.  On Tuesday I had my European history exam and Wednesday I had my Calculus exam.  My parents drove up from Long Island that afternoon and checked into the Double Tree.
---Side Note- the Double Tree is an amazing hotel it is fairly reasonable and has a Saint Mike's rate.  It also has delicious cookies for free!!!---
     My parents and I met up that night and we packed up some of my clothing and put it in our car.  I was so happy that some of my friends who were still on campus got to meet my parents.  Alex, Megan, and Taylor all met my parents and got to enjoy some Double Tree cookies!  My parents left me to go back to the hotel and I got to work on studying for my next final. 
     On Thursday my parents came back to my room and helped me finish packing.  It was a hard job and it felt like I had much more stuff than I had to begin with.  We packed the car up though, I took my exam, and we were headed back home around 4:15. 

Here is what our car looked like from the back...scary right?

     We drove, and drove, and drove for hours until we stopped for dinner at a Longhorn's in Massachusetts.  Longhorn's is a really delicious restaurant if you haven't been and I definitely recommend the Flo's Fillet!!!  We had a good meal and headed out again.  We finally arrived home on Friday at 1:15 A.M!  We had a long drive, but I wouldn't trade my time at SMC for anything.
     We all made the executive decision to not unpack anything until later on, and so around 12 in the afternoon that day I unpacked my whole car and brought everything into my basement. 

Here are just a couple of images of the chaos of all of my stuff

     I unpacked and started putting everything in its rightful place.  It was a lot of work and took me a couple hours, but I was happy once it was all done.  Good Luck with finals, Graduation, and Prom!  Have fun!!!

Feel free to ask me anything! 


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