Friday, June 3, 2011

Career Chase

     When I got home from school my job search began.  It was extremely overwhelming and difficult to figure out where to begin.  There are so many different stores and places to apply, but the question was if any of them were willing to hire me just for the summer?
     I first started out by asking for paper applications at the different stores I visited on a regular basis.  It is important to follow up with the company after you apply to show a continued interest in your application process.  I applied to a fair number of stores near my home, and then started the on-line application process.  This was the WORST part for me!  Staring at the computer screen for hours filling out applications with the same information over and over again is one thing I hate!!!  Then, some applications even have quizzes you need to fill out which take about 40 minutes more.  The long and short of it is that even though filling out applications can be discouraging a process, sometimes you may have some luck!
     I finally found some luck one night when my mom and I went to the dry cleaners to drop off some clothing.  We went in and inquired if they needed any extra help.  They did happen to need some help, so I filled out an application.  I then scheduled an interview and was on my way to become a working woman! 
     The interview went very well and I soon started my job at the dry cleaners that Tuesday.  I was hired on the basis of a "trial period" to see if I could handle the work and I was stationed at a register with a girl named Kristen.  She was a very big help to me and taught me all the basics of collecting and redistributing the clothing.  I quickly made friends with a girl named Vanessa and another named Nennha and some guys- Alex and John. 

I really enjoy working there for a couple of reasons:
          1. I like my managers
          2. I have made some really nice friends
          3. I'm making a little money to put in the bank
          4. I'm gaining work experience
          5. The work is actually fun!

Some of the reasons why working is not that fun:
          1. I work 5 hour shifts
          2. I don't get a break
          3. I stand the whole time so my feet hurt at the end of the day
          4. It is EXTREMELY hot in the place (sometimes 95   

     So far work is pretty good and I enjoy it and look forward to going in.  The heat is unbearable and sometimes the customers can be pretty impatient and unreasonable, but it is still a good work environment.
My recommendations for you on your search-
           1. Keep your options never know who will 
               hire you
           2. Apply everywhere you can think of
           3. Don't give up! 
           4. Follow up and call the company

     If you can't find a job this summer, you could also volunteer!  I volunteered for three years at Old Bethpage Village Restoration.  It is a kind of living museum and I had a wonderful experience there.  I was able to learn about the history of Long Island and help teach it to other visitors. 

This is a picture of me at OBVR in my historical dress!

Have a great rest of the year and job/volunteer work search!


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