Friday, June 17, 2011

Seminar Selection

     Hello everyone, by this point you're finishing up school and getting ready for summer.  You're also picking classes and buying supplies for next year.  One important class you'll need to take as a first year student is a First Year Seminar.
     What is a First Year Seminar?
     A First Year Seminar is geared toward introducing students to their first year at college by helping them refine their writing skills and ease into the college life.  You can take your seminar in either the first or second semester.   
     My First Year Seminar was called Digging Down to the Roots- A Cultural Approach to Gardens.  It was a really great class and I met my best friend Taylor there!  I also made other really great friends in the class and learned a lot about gardens and how they affect and are affected by different cultures. 
     In class we made seed bombs (clay "eggs" filled with seeds), we helped clean up the teaching gardens, made our own plants using recycled flower pots, made presentations about the pros and cons of school gardens, visited the Saint Michael's organic garden,and made final presentations about a specific garden using the Pecha Kucha format.  I loved my professors for the class and I still communicate with them frequently at school. 

This is my "flower pot" - actually a bag I got at a garage sale for $1

Here's my garden!

     First Year Seminars are really great classes and you should choose yours carefully.  It is important to pick one that you will be interested in and that you feel you will do well in. 
     Good Luck and have fun picking your classes!


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