Monday, May 9, 2011

Essential Effects

     Wow!  The year is almost over and it feels like it has just begun.  Finals week is a stressful time for all college students, and I thought I should take a study break to tell you about what I think are some essential supplies for college life.

1. Post-it Notes- these are a no brainer!  They are so helpful to mark important areas in your notebooks and textbooks.  You'll definitely need them.

This is my European History notebook!

 2. Tide to Go- accidents happen, but sometimes you don't have the time to wash something right away, so Tide to Go is helpful to keep your clothing nice. 

 3. Holiday decorations- At home, my family and I decorate for the holidays, so I like to bring a little of the holiday spirit back to school.  I love window stickies or just having fun with friends and make construction paper decorations. 

Here are some Easter Eggs I cut out of construction paper

4. Calendar/ date book- As students, we get so many emails with interesting events coming up, teachers assign projects, and we make plans with friends, so it is important to be able to record these important dates.  A planner is helpful, as is a regular calendar. 

My planner

5. Extra blankets- if you're not from Vermont or New England, you may not realize just how cold it can get here.  I recommend you bring up a couple of warm blankets besides your comforter. 

6. Under Armour- Once again, it can get pretty cold outside and it's nice to have an extra layer of to keep warm.  Under Armour is nice as well as thermal underclothes. 

7. Snacks- sometimes you're just hungry! 

8. Alarm clock that you'll wake up to- It's important to have a reliable alarm clock that will wake you up in the morning.  Professors expect students to arrive to class on time every time. 

9. Camera- A camera is a great way to record the exciting events in college.  I love taking pictures of my friends when we are hanging out and when there are special events on campus. 

10. Stapler- This is self explanatory, but some professors don't like to receive loose papers.  

11. Water Bottle- I have a metal water bottle that I love to fill up and use when I go to Zumba or just have in my room.  

12.  Extension cords- these are most important on move in day to plug in something where an outlet may not be nearby.

13. Lotion/chapstick- Sometimes the wind here is so cold and just dries your skin out.  I've never really liked lotion or chapstick before, but up here I find they are essential.

14. Rain boots- It rains here quite frequently and it also gets really muddy.  My rain boots are my faithful companions when battling the elements.     

mine are the pink ones

     There are so many other important necessitities to consider when packing up for college, but these are a few that I think are extremely helpful. 


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