Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LIVE WOLVES- Room at the Top

     Last night there was an amazing presentation on wolves in Ross.  We had Susan Morse, a renowned naturalist, present to us on the importance of wolves and other predators in the ecosystem. 

     I was surprised to learn just how important they are and what they contribute to our environment.  Susan used a PowerPoint presentation to showcase some of the astounding pictures she has taken of wolves, bears, and cougars over time through her research. 

     Wolves, she believes, will inhabit Vermont very soon because they are starting to find suitable habitats all over the country! 

     After her presentation (as you have already seen) we were able to meet three wolves.  These wolves have been raised in a sanctuary called Mission: Wolf because they were born in captivity and can't be released into the wild.  Some lucky students and children were even able to meet some of them!

     Here are some other videos I was able to take! Enjoy!!!

     This program was so amazing and I am happy I was able to take part in it.  I really enjoyed seeing the wolves and the faces of the children as the wolves licked them.  This was just one example of the great programs that Saint Michael's brings to us and the community.  I can't wait for the next one! 
     As always, feel free to ask me anything and tonight there is a KNIGHTCHAT!  This is a great opportunity to ask some of the bloggers questions and get answers instantly!  It's from 7:30-9:00 tonight!!


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