Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloweekend!! Part 2- Saturday

     Yesterday the Halloween fun continued with brunch and a delicious omelet.  Actually, this is not very Halloween-y, but the omelets are just so yummy.  I did homework in the library for a while and then the preparations for the dance began after dinner.  My friends Kate and Kaitlyn came over to our suite to do their hair and makeup for the dance! Here is a great picture of the two of them!  Kate is Princess Kate Middleton and Kaitlyn is Dorothy! 

     After they left, my friends and I started preparing for our own costumes.  Makeup, hair, the whole shebang!  I was going as a cave woman/ prehistoric lady/ Wilma Flintstone.  My friend Megan dressed up as D.W. Read from Arthur, Katie was Black Swan, Alex was Princess Alex, Taylor was a Girl Scout, Mary was a lax bro, and Marci and Allyson were snow flakes!  It was very exciting to see everyone in their beautiful costumes! 

     I had such a great time at the dance and I am so happy I got to spend it with my friends!  The dance was held in Ross and it is a huge event on campus.  Many students go and it is a great way to dance and just have fun.  I hope everyone has had a nice weekend so far!  Check out my next blog post on Halloweekend Part 3- Sunday.


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