Sunday, October 23, 2011

MidKnight Madness!

     This weekend has been very busy! Between hosting an event at Friday Knight Dry to attending MidKnight Madness, I'm surprised I survived it all!

     The night started off at 7:00 and I was set up in the Colchester Room in Alliot.  I held a craft- wrapping pens in yarn- which went very well! I had about 40 people come to my activity.  When you completed the activity I handed out tickets which were used at the end of the night to bid on raffles.  Around 10:00 we went to Alliot to eat some food, listen to the acapella groups, and bid on raffles.  It was a really great night.

     At 11:00 MidKnight Madness began.  This signals the start of the men and women's basketball season. It is so much fun watching the players practice their shots and also have audience participation.  Here are some videos of the different activities and games that took place!

Here is just some of the basketball players practicing

Here is another video of the players practicing

Here is a relay race involving both players and students

This is a great game involving some students and some volleyball players!

The Dance Team!!!

     Feel free to ask me any questions about life at Saint Michael's College, or college life in general. 


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