Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweekend!! Part 3- Sunday

     Hi everyone! Happy Halloween!!! Wahoo it's finally here!  Yesterday was Halloween eve and it definitely was very low key for me.  I slept in (until 9:00), I did some laundry, and then my suite-mates and I went to brunch.  I was lucky not to have any homework to do, since I finished it all on Friday and Saturday, so I had the rest of the day to look forward to. 

The view outside of Megan's window!

     I held a Knitting club meeting in Eddie's at 3:00, where we watching Nightmare Before Christmas- a classic!! I was there with my friends Megan and Allyson and some other Knitting club members.  I'm knitting mittens and so far the first one hasn't come out so well, so it's going to be a hat.....After that, I went to dinner, Liturgical Choir, and then I played in Mass with Marci

my defense is that it was my first mitten...

     After a very long night I got back to my room at 8:00.  My suite-mates (Taylor, Megan and Allyson) and I decided to watch the movie Taken at 9:00 and it turned out to be a great movie.  It was such a fun weekend and I'm so happy I got to spend it with my friends.   

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I hope you have had a fantastic weekend and Happy Halloween! As always, feel free to tweet me, or ask me any questions on my formspring or contact page. 


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