Monday, April 4, 2011

Sensational Seniors

     Hi everyone! Every Monday I visit a Senior Citizen Home within 10 minutes of  Saint Mike's and play a card game called Kings in the Corner.  I first went there on Valentine's Day with my friends Taylor, Alex, and Mary.  We all had a lot of fun and I have continued to go every Monday since.  I meet Nora,  a student who runs the program, outside the MOVE office at 5:50 and in about 10 minutes we are there.  The men and women who live there love to play King's in the Corner with us and I really enjoy talking to Ruth, Martha, Dorothy, and Donna.  Just going and visiting brightens their day and I don't know who benefits more, the seniors or me!

Martha is in pink, David in the plaid, Donna in the light blue, and Dorothy in the dark blue!

     MOVE stands for Mobilization Of Volunteer Efforts and it is a community service organization that is extremely popular.  MOVE activities are posted on a bulletin board outside the MOVE office in Alliot.  There are sheets of paper where you can sign up to participate in an event and you can sign up to do an activity once or continue to sign up each time it occurs.  There are no commitments to the activities, but you'll probably end up loving it and wanting to continue going.  There are activities that deal with dogs, such as Cause for Paws, and activities with young children, like Little Brothers Little Sisters, After school Games, and a homework club.  There are also many other programs that are listed on the MOVE website and if you would like to know more about a specific program you can always stop in the office to learn more about it. 


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