Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mardi Gras Madness

     Mardi Gras is a day of celebration before the commencement of Lent.  At my home Mardi Gras is not a big deal, there are no parades, maybe just a church celebration.  In Burlington, however, there is a huge parade that is attended by people from the surrounding area and even Canada. 
     A few weeks prior to the parade, an email went out looking for people to help supervise the parade and to make sure people do not get in the way of the parade floats.  My friends Marci, Alex, Taylor, Megan, Mary, Katie, Erin and I signed up to help out that Saturday.  We all took the bus from St. Mike's to Burlington and it was packed!  It was so packed that Taylor, Mary, and I had to get off the bus half way there to let people on who needed to go to the hospital.  We eventually caught another bus and even made some friends with some guys from Alaska.  When we all were finally in Burlington we went to a local elementary school to learn our instructions for helping out as crowd control.  We got special shirts to identify ourselves and some Bueno y Sano coupons.  [I used my $5 off any purchase coupons when I went to see the two Flynn shows these past few weeks.  Got some really good food for real cheap ($2.75 for a chicken burrito)!]  We then walked back into town and took our positions on the parade route.  It was so much fun watching all the floats going past and the little children's faces light up. 
     When the parade ended we all walked back up to the elementary school and got chips and chocolate.  Back on campus my friends and I ate at PK Cafe and then watched a movie in Katie's and Mary's dorm room.  I really look forward to attending the parade next year and helping out again! 
     I hope when you come to Saint Michael's you will think about taking advantage of the opportunity to help out the local community.  We helped out and had so much fun while doing it!  

Here are some pictures from the parade: 

Megan, Taylor, and I showing off our buff bodies in the parade shirts

Katie, Taylor, Marci, Megan, and I (Just so you know- I am wearing a puffy coat under my shirt)

Taylor and Alex

Taylor and me


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