Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Musically Minded- The Momentum Continues

     Some of you may know that last Friday (April 1) I tweeted about my upcoming concert.  Well, it was a major success!  Our concert was in the McCarthy Arts Center and we definitely rocked it.  The Wind and Jazz Ensembles performed at 7:00 and I was so proud that my friends Taylor, Megan, and Alex were there to support me.  Both the band and jazz band played so well.  This weekend we have another performance at 12:00 for Family Weekend!  Here are some pictures of us performing!

The Wind Ensemble

Sara and I sitting on the stage

Director Paul LeClair front and center of the Jazz Ensemble

 On the right, Taylor doing some dance moves to the jazz band


     I hope if you play in your school band now, you will consider playing in college!  I have had so much fun in band and have made great friends.


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