Monday, April 11, 2011

Energizing Exercise

     As we all are told, exercise is very important, but the question is, will we do it?  For me, I like to have fun and zumba is a great way to get your heart rate up while having a lot of fun.  Zumba is held on both Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-7:15.  It costs $10 for about 5 or 6 classes and it is definitely worth it! The Zumba classes are held in the Tarrant Recreation Center which is above the Ross Sports Center.  There are also student taught Yoga classes which are held in the Eddie's Student Center (upstairs of Alliot) at 5:00 and 6:00 on Wednesdays.  I haven't gone to any of these (because Yoga makes me laugh for some reason), but my friends Taylor and Alex have gone to these classes and say that because they are taught by students, the classes are comfortable and welcoming. 
    The Ross Sports Center is the main location of the men's and women's basketball games.  I never went to a basketball game before coming to school here, but I love watching the games now.  My friends and I religiously went to every game of the season and I'm starting to actually understand what goes on in the game.  Going to sports games are a great way to show your school spirit and root for the home team. 

There is also a swimming pool which is used for the swim team and is available for students to use.  I have actually swam in the pool on several occasions and it is a lot of fun. 

     The Tarrant Center has four open courts, a suspended track, 3 raquet ball courts, and a squash court.  On the second floor of Tarrant there is the fitness center and weight rooms.  These rooms contain cardiovascular equipment, free weights, and benches.  There is also a rock wall that is available for student use to practice climbing techniques.  

     The Ross and Tarrant Centers are amazing exercise and work out areas that are made for every type of student.  From the beginner to the more advanced, students can feel comfortable in this exercise environment.    


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