Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Reports

Spring Awakening-  I saw this show last week on March 30 with my friends Erin, Megan, Katie, Mary, and Marci.  Erin and I ate at Bueno y Sano and I had the chicken burrito again.  With my coupon from the Mardi Gras Parade I only paid about $3.00!!  The play began at around 7:30 and lasted until around 10:00.  The acting and singing in the show were very, very good and you could see that the actors really put all their emotions into the characters they played. 

Romeo and Juliet-  This year the school play was Romeo and Juliet, except, Romeo was played by a girl named Kit Rivers.  She did an excellent job acting out the part.  Although I didn't understand all the Shakespeare, the actors did an exceptional job! 

Alex and I 

Registration-  Registration is when you pick your courses for the next semester.  We are all given a specific day to register according to our class year.  It takes place on Knight Vision, a website with all the available courses listed for the next semester.  Registration starts at 7 a.m, so I woke up at 6:45 to sign on to the website and get ready.  It is very nerve racking when you try to get into your classes, you are thinking- what if my class is all filled up?  What if I don't have any alternatives?  What if I was not cleared to register?  There are so many questions, but in the end it will all work out.  If you don't get into a class you can petition the professor to allow you in.  Professors here are very understanding and try to accomodate you and help you in your course selection.

Next semester I will be taking:

  1. Schools and Society                     M, W, F   9:50-10:50 
  2. French Advanced Conversation  M, W, F   12:10-1:10
  3. Spanish                                         M,W, F    1:20-2:20
  4. Early Christianity                         T, TH       9:50-11:20

This is my registration form, it's a little crazy and messy

Dean's Reception-  This reception was held on Saturday, April 2, in the Ross Sports Center to congratulate students who had a GPA during the first semester of a 3.4 or higher.  I was there with my friends Alex, Marci, Megan, Katie, and Mary.  Katie was displaying a science experiment that she conducted with another girl on millipedes.  It was very interesting and I know she put a lot of work into it. 


Katie and her partner

Sunday Studies-  My friend Taylor and I have made a new tradition of going to the library on a Sunday, watching a movie in the basement, and doing some homework.  It's difficult to master the art of multi-tasking, but we somehow have managed to watch the movie and accomplish some homework.  The first time we thought of going to the library to do some homework together we searched around the upper floor of the library and couldn't find any seats together, so we ended up in a media viewing room in the basement.  When we saw the giant flat screen t.v., we looked at each other and said "Movie?"  That time we rented the Proposal and did homework.  This Sunday we rented Love Actually, ate popcorn, and did Spanish homework together.  This is one of our favorite things to do because we relax and have fun together while getting some work done. 

Taylor holding Love Actually

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