Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Literary Library

   As we approach the end of the semester, final papers are due, projects are coming to a close, exams are popping up, and finals are just around the corner.  Many, many students use the Durick Library as an important resource to help complete these last few tasks. 
     The Durick Library is practically always open and always filled with students getting their work done.  The library hours basically stay the same from semester to semester, with the exception of holiday breaks.  In the library, there are books (of course!), journals, magazines, different types of media like movies and audio books, computer labs, study rooms and classrooms, and faculty offices.  I find that when I write a paper, I can go to the library and there are so many books and I can also use the library's excellent on line databases right from my dorm room.  The database is available on the library website and can provide online materials for every topic imaginable. 
     For entertainment, the library has over 5500 DVDs!! My friends and I love to take out movies and have movie nights on the weekends.  Seriously, if you can think of it, they probably have it on the shelves.  There are also Cd's and audio books that are available for student use.   
     Interlibrary Loans are another important resource that the library provides students with.  It is an opportunity to borrow materials from other local college libraries, but have the convenience of them being delivered to Saint Mike's.  This system is great if you need a book for a certain class but we don't have it here at SMC.  Then, you can try to obtain it from a neighboring library.
    If you are working on a project and need personal assistance locating materials, there are reference librarians available to help you out.  There is even a spot on the library website to schedule an appointment right from your dorm room and check the hours that the reference desks are open. 
     The library has three floors- the basement, the main level, and the upper floor.  The basement is a quiet zone, meaning that there are cubicles and study areas that require silence.  Also, peer tutoring, the writing center, tons of books, a computer lab, and a media viewing room are located in the basement.  Also the Durick Den is in the basement and it is a small lounge where you can grab a quick snack.  The main level has books, reference materials, computers, magazines and journals, the DVDs, the reference librarians, and the circulation desk.  The upper level of the library has the bulk of the books in the library, a computer lab, the children's book room, and lots of comfy seating.  

       It is definitely worth checking out Durick Library when you visit Saint Mike's because you will be using it as a student here! 


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