Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Weekend Edition- Swingin' Sunday

  The story continues with the kickoff of Earth Week. However, all great projects shouldn't be started without first considering breakfast, or in this case brunch. Brunch starts at 11:00 and lasts until 1:00, so it's important to get in and get an omelet before it closes. I got one with ham, broccoli, cheese, and mushrooms and it was absolutely delicious. You can also chose to have bacon, onions, and peppers. After that, my friends and I went to our rooms or the library to start doing homework.
   At 2:00, Earth Fest started, a festival in Ross Sports Center, to bring awareness to our treatment of the earth. There was Ben and Jerry's ice cream, I had Cherry Garcia, hamburgers and veggie burgers, massages, smoothies, and best of all, Barefoot Truth was performing.

  I had never heard Barefoot Truth before today, but now I love their music! They have an incredible sound and are really individual and unique. I went with my friend Mary and we met Katie, Megan, and her sister. We all had a great time listening to the music, dancing like no one was watching (I hope), and eating ice cream. 

Megan's sister and Megan on the top, and Mary in the photo on the bottom looking super creepy!!!


A really bad picture of my delicious Cherry Garcia ice cream

   We were all really sad when Earth Fest was over at 4:00, but at 4:45 Alex, Megan, Marci, Katie, Taylor, and I went to dinner. I got some soup and a salad and everyone else seemed really happy with their meals.
   At 7:00 I had to go to Cheray Science Hall to watch a movie (Dirty Pretty Things) for my 20th Century class. I did actually end up liking the movie, but I wish I could have rented the movie instead. I'm sad I missed Palm Sunday mass at 7, but I can go later in the week on Monday or Tuesday.
   Even though I LOVE the weekend, I also love the routine of going to classes during the week. It has been a packed weekend and I hope you have enjoyed my "newspaper edition" of the events on campus. Have a great week everyone!!


For your entertainment- a few short clips of Barefoot Truth performing

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