Saturday, April 2, 2011

Alliot in the Afternoon

     Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a nice Saturday.  As a first year student, our meal plan is unlimited.  This means that you are allowed to enter the dining hall as many times as you like everyday.  I normally only go to Alliot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but on occasion I go in for an extra snack if I am exceptionally hungry.  One of my best friends Alexandra Byrne and I go to "Afternoon Tea" every Friday at 3:00.  We both get tea and she gets soup and I get a banana.  We love this time because we sit in the back of Alliot and we catch up with each other.  We value this one on one time and look forward to it each week. 
This is our meal tray- Alex specially arranged it to look like a smile
     Many times when visiting a college dining hall, there will be conflicting reports on how the food is.  I actually like the food in Alliot, I admit on occasion it's weird, but most of the time it's pretty good.  I miss my mom's cooking at home, but I like eating in Alliot with my friends.  Some students here don't like the food, and others love it.  I think it all depends on your eating habits (if you're open to trying new things or not) and your attitude.  My advice: be open to the food here and try some new things (even if you think you won't like something) because you may be surprised. 
     On campus there are several areas to get food.  Cafe Cheray is located next to Cheray Science Hall and it serves coffee, soups, salads, and some pastries.  The Knight Stand Cafe is located next to Alliot dining hall and it also serves coffee, salads, soups, sandwiches, pastries, and parfaits.  Personally, I think the parfaits are amazing.  They are made of layers of granola, vanilla yogurt, and fruit (strawberries or  blueberries).  Another dining hall similar to Alliot is the Knights At the Round Table.  This dining hall is located on North Campus and students use their Knight Cards here just as they would in Alliot.  The Knights at the Round Table is like a restaurant because you call ahead to make a reservation Mondays-Thursdays 5:00-6:30.  Once you arrive you sit down with your friends and choose your meal choices off a menu.  The food here is delicious and definitely worth trying.  I really love the different food options we have available here and I think that you will too.     
     Here is a link to the Alliot food service website, you can check it out to see what the menu is for lunch and dinner on a weekly basis:
     Hope I have enlightened you all a little on the food options at Saint Mike's.  Have a nice rest of the weekend!


    P.S. On Friday and Saturday nights, from 11:30 pm- 1:00 am, the Resident Life staff set up grills in the quad.  They grill chicken patties (the BEST!!), hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers, bbq chicken breast, and italian sausage. 

     These are some chicken breasts Alex and I got last night!! Yum!

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