Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Weekend Edition- Saturday Selections

  As I continue my reporting on the various weekend activities, I feel it my duty to inform the general public of my adventures. 
  Saturday morning, like any other, I went to breakfast around 9:00 and returned to my room to start some homework. A little boring, I admit, but at 11:30 I met with Alex, Taylor, Marci, Allyson, and Megan to eat brunch in Alliot. 
   Brunch is one of my favorite times to eat in Alliot because at the International station they make omelets. But today, I wasn't hungry enough to eat one, so I had a Greek salad. We talked and laughed at the table, and told Allyson about our escapades at Pizza Put on Friday night.
  After lunch, I went back to my room and called my parents to just check in. We chatted for a while, when I remembered that Charlie Brown the Musical was at 2:00. I ran to my friend Kate's room at 1:55 and she, having only gotten up an hour before, got ready in 5 minutes and we raced over to see the show. The show was really funny and I wish I could see it again. I loved it and thought the acting and singing were spectacular!!!

Sally, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Sally, and Shroeder

This picture was actually in Pizza Put, so I thought I would put it in this blog post

  School musicals and plays are an important part of life here at Saint Mike's. In case you are interested, there is a theater major and a drama club for enthusiasts.
  After the play, I went back to my dorm to get ready to go into Burlington. Alex, Taylor, and I were going to go to Merrill's Roxy Theater to see Jane Eyre. We ate dinner in Alliot at 4:45 and then caught the 5:55 bus. The bus ride was great, except that it was snowing!!! We were all a little disappointed at the weather, but nothing could dampen our spirits. Snowy rain aside, we got to the theater at 6:20, but the movie was at 6:50, so we bought our tickets and went to City Market. City Market is an amazing super market. Everything is organic or natural and there is an incredible variety of produce and household items. It's really cool to just walk around in there to browse, or actually buy things.
   At 6:35 we went back to the theater, bought a popcorn, and took our seats. Alex and I had read Jane Eyre before, but Taylor had not, so we tried to give her a brief overview beforehand. Without giving any of the movie away, all I can say is that we all LOVED it and Alex and I felt it really stayed true to the book. You should definitely see it.

  Taylor and I

Alex and Taylor

  We headed to Ben and Jerry's after, I got a vanilla shake, Taylor got New York Fudge ice cream, and Alex got Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. We sat in Borders enjoying our ice creams and then took the 9:35 bus back to school.

Us sitting in Borders!!

   Back at school, Taylor, Alex, and I went to Megan's room to have a dance party. Marci and Mary were also there and we all danced and had a lot of fun! Can't wait until tomorrow....

In case you were wondering...Taylor is hiding behind my blanket


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