Friday, April 15, 2011

The Weekend Edition- Fantastical Friday

     This weekend is a hot one, with so much going on I thought I would chronicle all my experiences in a series of "newspaper articles." 
  It's Friday afternoon and our story commences with Afternoon Tea at 3:00 with my suitie Alex. We both got delicious soup this time, tea of course, and some bread that was amazing!  At the end of tea we went back to my room and talked for a bit.    
  After Alex left, I noticed that there was a concert on the library lawn by Kristen Graves.  Her concert was to benefit Simply Smiles, an organization to help impoverished children in Mexico. I took a video of her singing one of her songs...enjoy!
Here is a link to my own personal YouTube video of Kristen Graves: 

     At 4:50 I met with Alex and Taylor to eat dinner in Alliot. I ate a salad, some bread, and an orange, a strange meal, I know, but I wasn't that hungry. After, Alex and I went to the Mike Check Concert. They sing acapella songs like "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"
and "I'll Make a Man out of You." They are always so funny when they are singing and acting goofy. Tonight, their show was going to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation. They are always a lot of fun to watch!

  This is a video of the Acabellas, another acapella group on campus. It is an all girls singing group. One of the SMC Bloggers, Gabbi, is an Acabella and I always love listening to their songs like "Sunday Morning" and "Sweet Dreams."

    The Sleepless Knights are the third acapella group on campus and it is co-ed. They are excellent and here is my favorite song from them, "Killing Me Softly." 

   Also at 7:00 the Saint Michael's Dance Team was performing. They are soo good, I always looked forward to seeing their performances at the time outs at the Basketball games and it was great to see a whole show of them performing! Here is a link to one of their dances:

This is a video of the song the Dance Team was dancing to in case you really liked it (like me!):

  After all the different shows, the Student Association held a "Saint Mike's" night at Pizza Put. Pizza Put is a local pizzeria, and it has laser tag, mini golf, and arcade games. Last semester I went to the "SMC" night there and it was so much fun, so I knew it was going to be even better this time!
  This time I went with my friends Alex, Taylor, Marci, Megan, Kate, and Caitlyn. 

Marci, Taylor, Megan, Kate, Alex, and Caitlyn waiting for the campus vans!

  We took campus vans to Pizza Put (only about 7 minutes away) and when we went in, a worker handed us "credit cards" with 20 credits on them. First though, my friends and I were really hungry so we ate the delicious pizza they set out for all of us.

   We started to play some games and win a lot of tickets, and in the end I won, with a combined effort from Alex, Kate, Caitlyn, 585 tickets!!! Instead of handing in all your tickets, there are machines in which you feed your tickets in and you get a receipt with the number of tickets written on it. You take the receipt up to where the prizes are and you can pick out what you want. I spotted a little lion "piggy" bank and I knew that it was going to be mine. Also, it was only 400 tickets, so little Arthur came home with me along with some candy.

 Me and Alex

 Megan, Marci, and Taylor

 Me, Alex, Megan, and Marci

Alex and Me again

Megan won 150 tickets at one game!!!!

I won 4.....

Taylor racing

Alex shooting aliens

Here I'm cashing in all of my tickets!

Arthur the Lion and some candy

  I had a great time at Pizza Put with my friends and I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of the Weekend Edition. See you tomorrow for Saturday Selections. 

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