Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn Adventures

     Happy Friday everyone!  Last night/ this morning I was able to go see Breaking Dawn with my best friends Taylor, Megan, and Alex.  Megan and Alex won 4 free tickets from 802 the App to see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn at the Majestic 10 theater.  We were all SO excited to go see the movie and on top of it to see it for free!!!  We picked up the tickets Thursday afternoon from the Holiday Inn and I decided to document the whole adventure! 


Megan's packet with her tickets and free t-shirt!

Alex and Megan

I didn't know where we were, so I took a picture....

Why hello there Alex!

     After we picked up the tickets we went back to the dorm and went about our normal activities...homework, class, etc.  Around 9:30 we left to go out to Walmart to buy candy and then head to the movie theater.  We got to the theater very early...and we expected to see hoards of people....which there was not, but we had a fun time waiting in the theater anyway.  

Taylor, Megan, and Alex

Alex, Megan, and me

All of us in front of the Breaking Dawn poster

Megan and me

Alex and me

Taylor and Alex

Megan and Taylor

     In the end I'm so happy I was able to see the movie with my friends and have a nice night out.  We got back around 2:20 in the morning and I was SO exhausted, so it's probably going to be along time until I see another movie this late.  Well, if you have any questions about life at Saint Michael's feel free to formspring me, tweet me, or contact me!


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