Monday, November 28, 2011

Taxi Cab Adventures

     Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving! Mine was excellent, I saw my family, ate delicious food, and got to be with my two puppies. 

This is Olive, she is a mini Doxie.  I also have Pickles a mini pinscher

     As you all know, I fly home every break- JetBlue!!!  This year, my fellow blogger and best bro Alex and I have flown home at the same times.  We flew back this morning at 9:00 and landed in Burlington at 10:00.  One great thing about this small airport is that there are always taxi cabs waiting to take flyers to their destinations.

Alex, Lauren, and me waiting for a cab

     Alex, Lauren (a fellow SMC student), and I decided to share a taxi back to campus.  My Early Christianity professor, Professor Saint Laurent, shared the cab with us too!  She had spent the holiday break on Long Island and was on our flight!!  We all shared a taxi and our taxi driver turned out to be a little strange.  It was very hot in the cab and he turned to us and said "Wow it is hot in here" and then opened the sun roof.  HOWEVER, he then turned the heat on! The air was blowing right at my head and I was about to have heat stroke!!!! 
     Overall the taxi ride was fine because Alex and I were hysterically laughing the whole time!  As always, feel free to tweet me, contact me, or formspring me!


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