Wednesday, November 30, 2011


     Hello all!  As students at Saint Michael's we learn that service is an important part of our education.  This is easy for us because we have the MOVE board!  I have done quite a few programs last year and this year with MOVE.  There are so many different programs offered from helping seniors and children to volunteering to help with animals.  The MOVE sign-up board is conveniently located right in Alliot next to the MOVE office.  If you ever have any questions about any program, definitely go in and ask! 

There is the MOVE board!

Here are some examples of programs-
  • A Cause for Paws
  • Baked Love
  • Middle School Mentors
  • Habitat for Humanity
     I have volunteered with playing cards at a senior citizen home (here is a blog post about them), Cause for Paws animal blessing services (here is a blog post), and senior citizen proms (here is another blog post).  I hope to continue playing cards with the seniors and I definitely want to get involved with more programs.  What's also great about MOVE is that the programs are a "non-commitment"- meaning that you can do a program once and never do it again.  You don't have to do the same program each week, instead you can try all different programs to find out which one is your favorite. 
     You should definitely take advantage of this unique opportunity!  I have made quite a few friends just by volunteering at these different activities (a secret benefit of MOVE!).  As always, ask me anything about college! Formspring me, tweet me, or use my contact page at the top!!!


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