Thursday, December 1, 2011

IT is where it's at!

     Happy Thursday readers!  As I sit here in my room not wanting to start any homework, I remembered a Founder's Society meeting I went to a couple of weeks ago where representatives came in from Information Technology.  They reminded us about just how technologically advanced and up to date we are here at Saint Michael's.  It really is a blessing that we have all these amazing facilities right at hand and we probably don't even think about it!  Here are some services we have here on campus:
  • Campus Wide Wireless Internet Access- everywhere you go you can be connected and ready to do some homework! 
  • Computer Support- there is an IT Department Helpdesk located in Saint Ed's 221 that is open throughout the day and ready to help fix your computer issues! Open during the week from 7:30-7:00!!!
  • Tegrity- a computer system that allows professors to record classroom presentations for later use!
  • eCollege- a course management system that allows students to view their homework, receive materials from professors, view a  syllabus, submit essays, and see course grades.  
  • Classroom Technology- there are smart boards in over 1/3 of the classrooms on campus as well as sound systems, BluRay players, and document cameras.
     Technology has become increasingly important over the years, and it is wonderful that Saint Michael's has kept up with the current innovations.  This may be something that you have considered in your college search and Saint Michael's may be the right place for you! If you have any questions at all tweet me, formspring me, or contact me!


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