Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sticky Note Plans!!!

     One thing that some major departments will teach is how to make a sticky note plan.  Making a sticky note plan is one of the best ways to help plan out your career here at Saint Michael's.  There are a couple of ways to make one but its main premise is to help you visually map out what courses you will take and when you will take them.  I just like to use a piece of computer paper, but I know that others use manila folders.  

my own sticky note plan!

 How to make one
  • you first have to look up the Liberal Arts Requirements and the requirements for your major.
  • then you have to write down each class you must take on a sticky note (I also recommend you write down the course number for future reference)
  • finally you try to spread them all out over the next couple of years and see how they all fit!
     I have worked out my next two years here and also two study abroad opportunities! It's an excellent idea to try and map out what you will take here at Saint Michael's and I hope that this planner will make it a little easier!  Please ask me any questions you may have about college!


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