Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kindness Counts

     Final exam week has gone pretty well for me and I only have one exam left- Early Christianity on Friday.  So far I have had three exams, Spanish and French yesterday and British Literature today.  I am definitely looking forward to break and seeing my family, but I really don't want to leave all my friends on campus!          
     I have been studying a ton and I'll be studying until Friday afternoon.  Last night I went to the library around 7:00 pm and was surprised to find the Random Acts of Kindness Club handing out goodie bags to everyone who was going into the library!   Here is a picture of my treat bag!

     It was filled with yummy candies, index cards, a pencil, a highlighter, and a nice quote.  My quote was "if you're going through hell, keep going."  I'm still not quite sure what it means, but I was told it's from a country song!  I have also seen this club handing out hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and cider donuts on cold days, and also giving out hugs!  After receiving this goodie bag last night, I am really interested in joining this club and am going to be watching out for emails about club meetings! 
     I hope your studying goes well and if you have any questions about college life or life at Saint Michael's, tweet me, formspring me, or contact me.


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  1. Taylor and I want to join this club, too! Let's go to the first meeting next semester :)