Sunday, November 13, 2011

International Festival


     The International Festival is a festival run by the Diversity Coalition and the Applied Linguistics Department.  It brings together people of all cultures while celebrating differences.  The Festival showcased performing groups from the community as well as students here at Saint Michael's.  This was my first year helping out to set up and volunteer my help as a member of D.C and I'm very glad I was able to contribute! 

     My day started out with helping set up flags, putting on tablecloths, and decorating tables from 10:00-12:00.  Then I met all my suite-mates at brunch and enjoyed a delicious omelet made my the hilarious Chef Mike.  After brunch I tried to do some homework, but I ended up cleaning and watching Harry Potter- thanks ABC Family for furthering my procrastination.  At 4:00 I went back to Tarrant (where the festival was being held) to help set up food and the rest of the decorations.  

      Start of the Festival- 5:00
      My first assignment, once the Festival started, was to help with admission.  I helped to collect money and hand out tickets which was a slightly stressful task.  I did have fun seeing all the excited children and their parents.  I also helped out cutting pies, setting out appetizers, and finally serving all the delicious food!  It was a ton of fun seeing all the amazing performances and enjoying the food. 

Here are three of my amazing suite-mates! Taylor, Allyson, and Megan

Here is a list of the performances and some videos!!

  1. Inkas Wasi (an Incan performing group)
  2. Junior Jam (an African Drumming group)
  3. Mary Brust
  4. the Celtic Knights
  5. Burlington Taiko Group
  6. Akoma drummers
  7. Alia Thabit
  8. Guayoyo Haitian & Cuban Drums
  9. Jeh Kulu Dance & Drum Theater
  10. Ahmed Alasaos
  11. Matesolers

Saint Michael's African Drummers!

The Celtic Knights

     The International Festival was, in short, a success and I'm so happy I was able to volunteer at it.  I can't wait until next year just to do it all again!  Feel free to tweet me, formspring me, or contact me with any questions you have about Saint Michael's College. 


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