Monday, August 29, 2011

Friendly Faces

     Hello everyone! It has been a crazy summer and definitely a crazy start to the school year.  In orientation, classes, Alliot, and in your dorm building you will be meeting many, many new people.  It's important to remember names and special facts about them.  I had a bit of trouble remembering the names of my classmates and people I met along the way when I first started out at Saint Michael's, however, I think I have some helpful tips on how to keep names straight. 
     In my First Year Seminar my professor suggested that we make name tags to help learn each others' names easier.  This was extremely helpful to see the person's name and try to associate that with them.  If your professor asks for any suggestions, you may want to propose the use of name tags. 
     I also found it beneficial to look at the person and repeat his or her name several times. It may sound silly (and that person may think it strange) but it helped me out many times. 
    Also on your floor, it's good to introduce yourself to your floor-mates.  You never know who may be a classmate this semester or in the future!
     My mom also suggested to me that you take the first letter of a new person's name and associate it with something else.  For example, I may meet a girl named Alexandra and learn that she loves apples.  Every time I meet her after I say 'A' for apple and Alexandra. 
     I hope these simple tips are helpful, and feel free to ask me any questions concerning life at Saint Michael's or about college in general. 
Have a great first week!

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  1. Hahahahaha my name is Alexandra and I used to associate my name with apple during icebreakers!!