Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I've been MIA

     So readers, what have I been up to for this past month that I have not blogged.... 


     I am almost finished with my 2 thesis papers.  One is about the Commune of Paris in 1879, its relation to Louise Michel, an analysis of two of her poems, and how everything relates to Les Justes a contemporary novel.  Wow.  Clear right?  My Spanish thesis is about the relation between Las batallas en el desierto and Salon de belleza and the historical context of Mexico at that time the novels took place and how fear and hatred played a part in the social context and historical context in both real life and the novels.  Did you get all that?
      On another note, now is the time to complete course evaluations!!! What are they?  They are a way to evaluate the effectiveness of a course and to give helpful suggestions to that professor.  I really like them because you can give suggestions that your professor will anonymously receive, so you don't have to worry if you give them a critique.  So...DO THEM! They are there to help the professors, to help them for the next time they have to teach the course and to see if they can change things to make the course more effective! 
     Well, until next week!


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