Sunday, December 9, 2012

Semester Recap!

     I hate to say this semester has been my most difficult yet, but it just seems that college keeps getting harder! Except they say that that's what you're supposed to expect! Since it is the end of the semester, let's look back at what I've taken and how far we've all come!

This semester I took
     Spanish Theater (in spanish)
     French grammar and composition (in french)
     the Victorian Novel
     Christians and Muslims

     These courses definitely piled on the work and were extremely challenging, but I really enjoyed them all!  Spanish was a course dedicated to reading plays such as Bodas de Sangre, la Vida es Sueno, and Tres Sombreros de Copa.  It was a lot of reading, translating, and acting too!  French was a class filled with writing short essays, correcting them, and then correcting them again.  Not fun, but very helpful.  Victorian Novel was dedicated to reading the classics, but proved to definitely be more reading than I expected, just about 300 pages a week! We read:

Pride and Prejudice
Jane Eyre
Wuthering Heights
Adam Bede,
the Turn of the Screw
Heart of Darkness
David Copperfield
Jude the Obscure

      Many novels, and tons of reading! But I loved it all, and I was even in class with some of my friends.  Christians and Muslims was another interesting course that opened my eyes to the Islamic faith and history as well (and with Prof Saint-Laurent one of my favorite professors!)

     Besides classes, I had the great fortune of living in a townhouse and making new friends with my new roommates and classmates.  These girls became my constant company and we loved to hangout with each other! 

     This semester we celebrated birthdays, had family dinners, watched movies, danced around, and lived the lives of crazy college students.  I could not have asked for a better set of roommates and I definitely do not want to leave!  I also made new friends this semester, (sadly not many pictures with new friends, but you must trust me, they exist!): 

     I am so looking forward to spending a semester in Spain, exploring the country and perfecting my spanish!  I will miss my friends, old and new, but I will make more in Spain.  I wish you, reader, a fantastic next semester, whether you are in college or high school or not, and always take time to make new friends where ever you go! 


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