Saturday, August 24, 2013

4 days in

     So I moved into my new townhouse in the 200s Tuesday (with permission) because I played in the Liturgical Choir at the welcome mass for the new class of 2017.  So, so far I'm a bit nervous about being back because now I'm a senior so it's like being the big cheese on campus.  I mean I look like I'm too young to be a senior: 

                                  Taken in Madrid with my roommate about 3 months ago

so my upcoming graduation is kind of intimidating!  I'm still only 20 too!  On top of the nervous feelings I have for being a senior I also have to cope with the fact that I'm going to be taking 2 senior seminars this semester: Spanish and French.  That means that I'll be writing my 2 thesis papers in other languages where I still have to constantly look up words and research grammar rules.  It's gonna be tough.  With these two classes I'm also taking a French history course (in French) and Italian 1 (actually not signed up yet woops).  All language all the time!

      So in addition to all this craziness I also had to move in and organize my things.  So here are the first images of my new room, additions still to be made:

on top of my bed is a blanket that I knitted

my messy desk

     So there it is!  I don't feel like taking pictures of the rest of the house yet so you'll just have to wait.

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