Sunday, September 1, 2013

3 Classes? WHAT????

Ok so I previously wrote that I was going to be signing up to take Italian 101 as my fourth class this semester.  However, I checked my smcvt mail and I had gotten my senior packet! BLAH! In it was an intent to graduate form, some other forms, and this baby:

This fabulous form lists all the classes I have taken, the ones I still need to take, and most importantly exactly what I need to graduate.  It tells you how many credits remain for you to graduate, what you need overall to graduate, and what you currently have.  So after deciphering the form (I had a little trouble) and going to the Registrar to double check, I learned that I do not need any more credits to graduate on time.  That means that as of now all I have to do is take the necessary courses to graduate.  I made the executive decision to take my Spanish Senior Seminar, my French Senior Seminar, and la France Medieval this semester and not stretch myself too thin when I'll need to write two thesis papers this semester. 
So, that's that and I just wanted to write and say that sometimes it is ok to take only 3 courses instead of 5 or 6.  It's better to do what you can and do it well, rather than over exhaust yourself and get not so great grades.   

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