Friday, February 14, 2014

Internship Heaven?

     So what have I been up to? Mondays and Fridays I have been teaching at an International School in South Burlington with another classmate.  We have been teaching Spanish on Mondays and French on Fridays to children from preschool age to second grade.  It is quite an experience to say the least!  To begin with I have a large work load: I must make lesson plans, dittos to hand out, plan "props" to bring to class, and keep up a journal.  It's a ton of work but it is rewarding to know that I'm actually teaching and children are learning because of me!  During the week I meet with my French professor to discuss what went well during the classes and what we need to work on and we plan the upcoming class material.  It's interesting work and will definitely help me on my journey to becoming a teacher. 

So how do you get started with an internship?  I just had to ask my professor, but you must do research on your own and MUST GET IT APPROVED BY THE INTERNSHIP COORDINATOR IN KLEIN. 

Internship checklist:
  • transportation: whether it is the public bus or your own car, make sure that you have this figured out or it will be a BIG pain
  • check with the internship coordinator in Klein...your internship has to be approved first before you start!
  • make sure you can handle with extra work that you will have to do along with school work
  • decide if you would be better suited waiting until the summer to do an internship
  • will you like the work, or will you hate it?  This is the question that will save you a ton of grief and annoyance.  If you think you'll hate it then you should not participate and look for another internship.  There's no point taking so much time to do something if you won't get anything out of it
So that's it for now.  I'm warm inside instead of battling the snow, so safe travels everyone


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