Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Greetings from Madrid....finally!!!

      Greetings from Madrid! I've finally arrived after 10 days of travel.  My program through Syracuse University had an introductory "Study Tour" that allowed us to travel in a group of about 30 to visit several villages and larger cities.  Within this group I also had to find a potential roommate for the host family situation.  That was slightly scary but I met a very nice chica- Gabby- and we get along very nicely.  So, on the tour we visited:

  • the medieval village of Besalu (picture above)
  • Roses a fantastic beach village (above)
  • Teatro-Museo Dali

  •  the Monastery of San Pedro de Rodas
  • the fantastic town of Gerona where we saw a Judio Bonastruc and the Catedral de Gerona
  • favorite place so far, so gorgeous and special

The Sagrada Familia...ok this was astounding and so incredibly beautiful

Park Guell: this is basically designed by Gaudi and is gorgeous!

      Well, that's all for now folks...the trip has just begun and pictures are more to come!


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