Saturday, October 12, 2013

Breakfast in the Gardens

This past Wednesday I had breakfast in the teaching gardens with my First Year Seminar.  If you remember, I took Gardening: Digging Down to the Roots.  It was an absolutely amazing class and I met my best friend there!  In class we made seed bombs and planted our own plants- succulents that don't require constant watering (perfect for college students).  So our professors Lubkowitz and Bang-Jensen contacted us this September to tell us that they were organizing an reunion breakfast in the gardens! It was such a wonderful and beautiful surprise to have professors that so cared about the class they taught and wanted to see us again all together.  Here are some pictures of us drinking coffee and enjoying pastries with our classmates:

This one Taylor took
This one was taken by an SMC photographer and you can see me! (right side in white sweater)

Also, I got a chocolate bar (sea salt and almond special Lake Champlain chocolate) for showing evidence that my garden lives!

It thrives! Ok well that's all for now folks.

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