Wednesday, October 9, 2013

There's a hole in the ceiling

So a little while back we had a house emergency.  The toilet malfunctioned and sprung a leak.  That meant that there was water seeping not only out of one of the pipes, but into our living room from the ceiling.  Luckily we thought fast and called public safety.  They were obviously not the right people to call but they transferred me to the power plant.  From there I explained the situation and within 2 minutes (I kid you not) we had a man at the house.  They must have sent out a call to all the men who come to fix the little problems that occur in the houses and one showed up!  He was a very, very nice guy and fixed the leak and had to remove some of the drywall to see about the pipes in the walls.  That's why we now have a hole! 

 Mostly though, I just wanted to write about how quickly they responded and helped us in our time of need!  This week it should be fixed and be as good as new. 

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