Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Break!

This past weekend was our fall break.  It started Friday after our last class and lasted until Tuesday evening.  This year instead of going home I was invited to go home with my roommate Taylor and go to her house in Connecticut.  We left around 6:00 and we drove the 4 hours there (it was awesome...lots of singing).   At her house we unpacked, ate, and went to bed exhausted.  Saturday we went out for breakfast at Chuckwagon where they sang Happy Birthday to me and later we went on a hike that was awesome:

Later on we had enchiladas and daiquiris because that night was also....MY 21st BIRTHDAY.
So we had quite a bit of fun...especially when our friend Allyson drove to her house and we all played BALDERDASH.  We also enjoyed birthday cookies and an edible arrangements that my parents sent!!!!

Sunday we went on a trip to Trader Joes, I met Taylor's sister, and we all went apple picking.

Monday we went out for breakfast again and got haircuts and "did homework".  Tuesday, sadly was our day to leave and head back.  We left around 2:30 and got back to school happily at 6:30


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