Monday, July 18, 2011

hi I was wondering if you could tell me more about living in a single? I really wanted a roommate, but I didn't get one =[ Is it lonely?

     I'm so happy you asked me about living in a Single! This past year I lived in a single in Lyons third floor north. It was absolutely the best decision I made for myself to choose to live in a single. Discard all the rumors that you won't make friends if you live in a single, or that's it's really lonely- you're in college! You're surrounded by people and you will make many friends! I started making friends with some of the girls who lived on my floor and from there I made friends with people in my classes and friends with their friends.
     The single room has a bed, a large dresser, a built in closet with overhead storage, a built in desk with a drawer, a chair, and a cubby over the desk. My room was very spacious and I set it up so I could have enough space to have friends over and still feel comfortable. Also, my room was at the end of the hallway so I had a little "hallway" going to my room which was perfect for leaving my shoes outside of my door or my umbrella!
     Hope this helps, and hope to see you around campus in the fall!

Here is a helpful link on what to bring to school next year!

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