Monday, July 18, 2011

I read that you met one of your best friends in your FYS did you have the confidence to start up a conversation with a complete stranger?

     During the first few days of my First Year Seminar we made name tags and introduced ourselves to the other students. It was still intimidating trying to remember each others' names, but I first made friends with the girl I sat next to, from there it's not so hard to try to talk to the other students. Group activities are also helpful, because you are "forced" to interact with the other students and you may make friends that way. Taylor and I met in FYS, however we really started to become friends when we both happened to be at a Knitting club meeting! Then, because we had the FYS in common, we started to hang out more and she then introduced me to my other best friend Alex!! Another girl in my FYS is named Gina and we were friendly then, but she was involved in the Wilderness Program and helped out with the ski trips, so it was nice to know someone then and to have help when it came to navigating Smuggs.
     Thanks for the question and feel free to ask more. Just introduce yourself to people and don't be afraid to tell them about yourself- you may have a ton in common!

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